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Ron Keel Band – EPK

The Ron Keel Band

The Ron Keel Band


Ron Keel Band is fronted by million-selling singer/musician/songwriter/performer Ron Keel, who has toured with and/or opened for icons like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Aerosmith and many more. His extensive body of work includes three albums which charted in Billboard’s Hot 100, Keel’s legendary major label debut “The Right To Rock”( produced by KISS’ Gene Simmons) and the acclaimed brand-new Ron Keel Band release “Fight Like A Band” on EMP Outlaw Records (a division of David Ellefson’s EMP Label Group).

2019 appearances in 11 states include the Sturgis Rally, Hot Harley Nights (direct support to Night Ranger), casinos, fairs, festivals, and club dates in 11 states and more being added to the schedule daily. NATIONAL ROCK REVIEW calls it “A dynamic show with Keel’s voice holding strong;” the concert experience combines Keel’s hits (“The Right To Rock, “Tears Of Fire,” “Because The Night,” “Rock N Roll Outlaw”) with the new music and the iconic classics featured on their upcoming “South X South Dakota” covers album.

In addition to Keel, RKB features lead guitarist Dave “DC” Cothern, bassist El Diablo (aka Geno Arce, also a longtime member of Keel and other Ron Keel projects), Jeff “The Rev” Koller on drums and keyboardist Dakota Scott (the latter two are both members of the South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame) and second guitarists Jason Haven and Steve “Doc” Purcell on select dates.. They have been together for four years – starting out as the House Band for Sioux Falls entertainment complex Badlands Pawn. During that era, they toured heavily on their own and with Midwest legends Hairball, and backed up other singers like Paul Stanley, Jack Blades, Kip Winger, Mark Slaughter, Don Dokken, and Stephen Pearcy – and for a 2016 Sioux Falls performance they did a set of covers mixed with Megadeth hits with EMP founder David Ellefson.

Says Ellefson, “I’ve known Ron Keel for many years, obviously there’s deep connections all the way back to the earliest days of Steeler and Megadeth and consider him a great friend. We reconnected a few years back, even had the chance to perform together a few times, and what he was doing was a really natural fit for EMP. Before you knew it, we had created EMP Outlaw, and a wonderful new alliance was formed. Ron is truly one of the greats, and it’s such an honor to partner with him to release this music.”






Current Members
Ron Keel – Vocals, Guitar
DC Cothern – Lead Guitar
Geno Arce – Bass
Jeff Kohler – Drums
Dakota Scott – Keyboards


Studio Albums
1984 – Keel – Lay Down the Law
1985 – Keel – The Right to Rock
1986 – Keel – The Final Frontier
1987 – Keel – Keel
1989 – Keel – Larger Than Live
1998 – Keel – Keel VI: Back in Action (1998)
2010 – Keel – Streets of Rock & Roll (Frontiers)
1991 – Fair Game – Beauty and The Beast
2001 – Iron Horse (Metal Mayhem)
2004 – Iron Horse – Bring It On
2014 – Ron Keel Metal Cowboy
2019 – Ron Keel Band – Fight Like A Band (EMP)